Hi there! 

If you want to get your hands on some custom DAMN STUFF, feel free to grab a spot on my calendar.
Te interesa trabajar conmigo o tener un custom Damn Stuff? entonces agarra un spot en mi calendario.


First 30 one-on-one minutes work as a first approach meeting for your project, you can later on tell me about what's on your mind and I'll let you know what steps will follow. This meeting is free of charge.
Los primeros 30 minutos los trabajamos uno a uno para ver un brief de tu proyecto. Despues podrás decirme qué es loq ue tienes en mente y de ahí formamos los paso a seguir. Esta junta es libre de costo.


  • Illustrated Logo design
  • Illustration for websites
  • Editorial digital Illustration 
  • Digital Portrait in my style
  • Fun Website Mockup design with Doodles (we use Figma)


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